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All patients without exception have a strong feeling of hunger. Sometimes it is so pronounced that it is described as a sensation bordering on nausea. In the later stages of the development of hypoglycemic pills, double vision, difficulty in focusing vision, deterioration in color perception (colors seem dimmer or everything around in gray tones) is possible. Violations in the nervous center of movement control lead to a decrease in the accuracy of movements, which can lead to accidents at work and at home, while driving and when performing habitual actions. If such a condition overtook a person during a stay in a hospital of a medical institution, it is necessary to buy lasix online the nurses and the attending physician about it. They will do the necessary tests (urine for acetone, blood for sugar) and begin the treatment of hypoglycemic pills.

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Hypoglycemic coma is one of the few conditions that has a fulminant nature of furosemide without a prescription. Signs that are characteristic only for hypoglycemic coma should prompt the correct provision of first medical and first aid. Indeed, in a state of coma, the human body is at the line of life and death, and any mistake in the treatment or provision of emergency care can be fatal. The precomatose state has a number of features. abrupt onset of clonic and tonic convulsions or epileptiform seizures. It starts with twitching of muscles throughout the body and rapidly intensifies to an extreme degree - a convulsive seizure. This condition is dangerous because it occurs completely unpredictably, and a person can become a victim of a car accident, falling from a height.

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The state of hypoglycemic coma is due to the reaction of the medulla oblongata to hypoglycemia. complete loss of consciousness, pupils dilated. Upon detailed inspection. the skin is pale, cold clammy sweat, breathing is slightly weakened, blood pressure is normal or elevated, the pulse is normal or slightly rapid, knee and elbow reflexes are enhanced.

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With a headache, the child is likely to be whiny, restless. With abdominal pain syndrome (abdominal pain as a reactive manifestation of hypoglycemia), children have reduced appetite, they may even refuse to eat, although hunger is one of the obvious symptoms of hypoglycemia. At the next stage of the course of hypoglycemia in children, they become lethargic, indifferent to everything, completely non-contact. All this happens against the backdrop of previous well-being. Such changes in the behavior of the child should alert parents.


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People with type 1 diabetes need a diet tailored to their energy needs. In other words, the amount of incoming calories should be fully used by the body, and the amount of insulin injected should correspond to the carbohydrates consumed. To facilitate the calculation of calorie content, patients can use various tables indicating the nutritional value of both individual products and ready meals.
For the treatment of hypoglycemic coma, a 10% glucose solution is used in an amount of 100 to 250 milliliters. This is necessary to maintain a constant level of glucose in the bloodstream. If the patient did not regain consciousness during the infusion of glucose, it is necessary to take measures to prevent cerebral edema - intravenously inject a 15% solution of Mannitol at the rate of 1 to 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, and then inject Furosemide (Lasix) 75 - 110 mg intravenously by bolus.

Mannitol is a representative of the group of osmotic diuretics, its action is based on the physical laws of the interaction of water molecules and a medicinal substance. It is excreted from the body unchanged with attracted water molecules. Lasix, on the other hand, has a specific effect in the renal apparatus, stimulates the formation of urine and its further excretion.

In terms of prevention or treatment of cerebral complications of hypoglycemic coma, drugs such as Piracetam or Nootropil are well suited. These drugs are typical representatives of the so-called nootropics - drugs that improve cerebral circulation. They are also used in the elderly and in patients who have suffered an acute cerebrovascular accident.
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